So She Lived Happily Ever After
So She Lived Happily Ever After
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Why do we idolize celebrities? Why do celebrities get paid thousands or millions of dollars to entertain? What makes them better than you and me? They make millions of dollars to stand in front of a camera all day, travel the world to make films, record meaningless lyrics to a good beat, to play hockey, football, soccer, baseball, to wear designer clothing. What about our men and women in uniform that are risking their lives daily or helping our community such as the army, marines, air force, navy, firefighters, policemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics etc. It is upsetting the people that should be recognized or put up on yahoo news aren’t being thanked enough, recognized enough, paid enough. What about you and me? We are normal people and some normal people do wonderful things for others daily, whether it’s listening to a friend vent to donating thousands of dollars to a charity. It’s disgusting and pathetic that people idolize these celebrities. Put them on a pedastal. Sickening really. Open your eyes people.

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